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Ideas for Environment Day TOMORROW
June 5, 2009, 12:18 am
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Click on the link below and watch me and fellow environment crusader Georgie Campbell thinking up ideas for environment…

I am saying a fond farewell to my straighteners, hairdryer and other “unecessary” electrical appliances. No luxury for me tomorrow folks! Who’s with me?


Environment day
June 2, 2009, 10:08 pm
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It’s Environment Day this Friday and the idea behind this national event is to change an aspect of your everyday life in an effort to save energy, reduce carbon emissions and conserve the environment.


Georgina Campbell and I have been preparing for the day ourselves and have thought up some ideas for the day:


TRAVEL – Hang up your car keys for the day and travel “green style” Obviously walking or cycling are best BUT if that is out of the question then why not use a form of public transport to ge about for the day. Travelling around with more people in one vehicale will save energy and reduce traffic. Alternatively make Fridays your new “car sharing” day, where you and your colleauges take it in turns to drive to and from work.


ELECTRICITY – Half the amount of electricity you would usually use. Switch the TV off for the day and dig out a board game for you and your family to enjoy. Make a conscious effort to switch lights off when you leave the room and switch all of your appliances off at the switch.


WATER – Switch the tap off while you are brushing your teeth, try not to leave your taps running and turn your washing temperature down to 30 degrees.


CONSERVATION – Plant a tree in honour of the day. Plant it in a place you will look at everyday, this way when you look at it, it will act as a reminder to think green and save the planet.


If anyone else has any suggestions then let me know via this blog or, even better, Twitter your ideas to #environmentday

Vote Green Party
June 2, 2009, 7:59 pm
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West Midlands Green Party can prepare themselves for the sixth seat in Parliament with the rest of the West Midlands region from the 4th June, following the Sunday Telegraph’s predictions.

The prediction has been made along with seven others for the Green Party, based on the latest ICM poll. Over the last two weeks six European election polls have suggested similar outcomes, with the Green Party receiving 11% of the vote.

The almost doubled percentage of votes leaves the “Greens” standing in good stead for this Thursday’s elections. Polls usually underestimate the final outcome of the results, anything could happen on the day and the West Midland Green Party is headed for victory.
The leading green representative, Felicity Norman was pleased with the results of the poll but doesn’t want to “take anything for granted” and is now focussing on the votes that count on the 4th June. She added that they are “working flat out to make the breakthrough in the West Midlands region.”

The Green Party’s policies reflect a future of eco friendly industry based on the developments and funding into new technology to make this possible. The policies are designed to correct the current environmental flaws in current conventional politics.

Recycling computers
June 2, 2009, 4:40 pm
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Recycling computers is a fairly new idea, aimed at helping local and global needs.

As part of an eco-friendly future Service Birmingham are reconditioning old computers no longer needed by their original owners and selling them to low income families at a bargain prices, as low as £40 in some cases.


Not only does this encourage recycling and cutting back on the large amount of carbon emissions that go into making brand new computers, it is also helping underprivileged families to get to grips with technology and learn new skills. It means not going without because of budgeting and a low income. It is an educational tool for children as well as an increasing communication tool for all ages.


In other cases, recycling computers is aimed at developing the technology, culture and economy of underdeveloped countries. Computer Aid are a non-profit organisation that refurbish computers for under developed countries. They use the computers in health and education and are the biggest organisation of this kind, working with over 100 countries.


If you have an old computer that is sat in your spare room collecting dust then it could be put to very worthwhile use either locally or abroad. Computer Aid  is a very worthy cause and is always in need of more equipment, a place to research and start thinking about this idea if nothing else.

Birmingham recycled theme tune
May 31, 2009, 11:27 pm
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Sing along if you know the words….

The online, eco-friendly CV
May 26, 2009, 7:08 pm
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I have finally finished my online portfolio and CV and it occurred to me how green this modern alternative is. Not only is a more efficent way of showing off your skills to potential employers but it is paper free, thus eco-friendly. For example, before I put my CV online I would rarely handout just on CV at a time, usually I would handout multiple CVs to increase my chances.

As well a saving the environment, you will be saving your self time and money. It is accessible from day to day so you can update your details with any relevant information or experience. You will also save on printing costs – bonus!

Many organisations are running their businesses online and would probably apprechiate an emailed CV or quick link to your online portfolio. An added benefit to going online is that you can make your CV visually atttractive, making you more attractive as an employee.

I simply set my online porfolio up through It is easy peasy….. honest.

Mums make the world go round
May 6, 2009, 8:18 pm
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If you’re anything like me, then at the first sign of trouble, illness or vulnerabilty we are straight on the phone to our Mum. They seem to have an indescribable stregth that holds everything and everyone together, making it look so effortless and easy in the process. The odd moan and groan from them allows us to realise it isn’t easy but never the less, the powerful mysery of motherhood lives on.

A mother’s power to make a difference and bring change does not have to end with their families. I have assessed some of the ideas and ways that Mums can lower carbon emissions and make for a greener society. Some of the changes will not only save the environment but money and health too.

1. This applies to all the new mothers out there – grab some eco friendly nappies, or better still – go back to cotton. A little more effort for A LOT less cost and environmental implications.

2. Stop driving your kids to school! Get up a bit earlier, avoid the traffic, forget about struggling to find a parking space and hop on your bike or take a stroll to school instead. Not only will you and your children’s health benefit from this change but it will save you money AND lower carbon emissions.

3. Use the garden to grow your own veggies. Again, this is generally cheaper, organic and kids love planting and watching stuff grow. Growing your own food supplies cuts down on the amount of food transported in and out of the country, reducing the fuel that is used.

Imagine implementing one of these simple and achievable changes to every household…. what an impact that could have!